Foundational Elements of the 360° Method



A healthy diet, physical conditioning, technique and flexibility are all components of the physical aspect of dance and are necessary prepare the seeker to physically handle a transcendental dance experience.



Games, exercises and moving meditations for the higher and lower mind to access mental control to quiet the ego and allow the body to become a pure thoughtless vessel of expression. By shifting our brainwaves from Beta to Alpha through dance and sound we can access our intuitive and abundant creativity, observe emotions and learn to listen, not only to the music, but to our emotional and physical body.



An integral part of dance is becoming aware of and learning to utilize our chi (aka prana). Dance can be used to guide this energy to heal our physical and emotional bodies. When we learn to move energy with intention and weave our energy with the energy of the music so that dance becomes purposeful, fearless, connected, and ultimately transcendental.



Tasting the fruit of our labor, our true dance, we become balanced, whole, joyful and begin to play, weave dimensions, and connect to source. It is in the phase of our dance journey that we let go of the ego and learn what it feels like to be truly free.